Sub Sea Esplorer

L ‘agency Cannon organizes for the summer season a new and exciting excursion in the fantastic scenery of the Coast of the Gods: the “Subsea Explorer”, allow you an underwater vision, even at night thanks to powerful lighting that is attached, the most popular area diving lovers: the “Shallow of St. Irene” area famous for its wealth of animal and plant species of great natural beauty, cultural, educational and recreational. L ‘boat can accommodate on board a maximum number of 26 people that you can toggle to enjoy the underwater view of the sea. It will be given in more than a chance to make a stop-bath with a visit at the “Ulysses Scoglio” favorite destination for scuba diving and beach lovers. During the excursion it will pass and you will observe the beautiful coast, with crystal clear emerald waters.



Our program includes 3 excursions per day:Morning: Departure at 9.15 am and at 12.45 Riento

Afternoon Departure at 16:00 and return at 19:00 0re

Night: Departure at 21.30 and return at 23.30.

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